Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God and Global Warming

Here's a strange one for ya.... Having been subjected to scripture study at a young age I am familiar with the book of Revelations and have at least from what I can remember, a basic understanding of how Christians see the "last days" played out... and then there will be the day of judgement and then everyone will be ressurected in a twinkling of an eye...

The Four Horsemen

So if this is the case then why did the Catholic church bother  publishing a list of new deadly sins earlier this year which included pollution? Hey...if the earth is gonna end like this anyway what's the problem...go on doesn't matter anyway...that's not whats going to be the end of humanity after all.... and sure stop all of that recycling... the earth doesn't need to be saved...It will be turned into a paradise after the day of judgement. This whole thing just baffles me...and then on the other hand I wonder if this sentiment is prevalent among fundamentalist Christians and is this why that too little is being done to combat climate change as the wealthier nations are all "Christian nations"

I'm not exactly certain what it is that Jews and Muslims believe but I think it's along the same why do the people of those faiths bother? I don't know a person who doesn't recycle, who isn't trying to reduce the size of their carbon footprint and who isn't at least a little worried about the poor aul polar ice caps and those poor polar bears drowning and those poor penguins trying to breed.

Poor Polar Bear!

So if the leaders of the world subscribe to any of these religions who are they going to listen to? Their preachers or their professors? It's all a bit worrying really.

Just something to think about I suppose.

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  1. I can't speak for the fundies or bornies, but as far as I know the catholics don't subscribe to revalations. I could be wrong on this but, I have a feeling they don't even consider it part of the babble. When I was a catholic I had never heard of revelation at least.