Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Good Life

Has anyone else been watching "Sue and Giles live the Good Life" on BBC2 on Monday evenings?  It's really good. Funny and that order. The good life and self sufficiency are things that seem to be appealing  to me more and more.  I want an allotment, I want chickens, I want to make goats cheese with old tights and milk I squeezed from a goat udder myself! I'm sure I'm not the only I? Please say I'm not! 

Opting out appears to becoming more and more popular and who can blame people? The last time allotmenting and self sufficiency were so in vogue was during the 1970s in the UK when the three day week was introduced, "stagnation" was a word commonly used  in economist circles and the nation was plagued by powercuts. (sounds familiar doesn't it)

The next budget day in Ireland is on the 7th of December. If, what we have been told is going to be announced is true then this household alone will be €354 worse off a year! I'm not going to tell you what that is a percentage of our income...but lets just say it's a lot, as it's no secret that I am STILL "on de dole". That, unfortunately, is probably only slightly higher than the average Irish household. That figure is based on proposed cuts to "me dole" and the proposed property tax and water rates.So how are households supposed to abosrb that? Call me stark raving mad if ya want but taking  €350 out of the coffers of the average Irish family that is just scraping by would mean them falling behind on mortgage payments, or not being able to heat their homes, or provide a nutritous diet for how is this going to help matters?

See, If people can't pay their mortgage then the banks aren't getting their money. In order to get their money they will have to employ a legal service to recover their money and put another family out of their home, which would then mean ANOTHER empty house on the market and another family needing social housing, driving the price of property even lower, which then reduces the amount of money a person pays in property tax so the government lose they then up the percentage paid in property tax and more people can't ya see where I'm going with this?

The Poor Can't Pay Campaign have set out 10 reasons why Job Seekers Benefit should not be cut.  The average person receiving this payment falls short by over €62. This figure was calculated before the last 4% cut. another 5% cut would see that figure more than double. So that would mean more people looking for social housing, needing emergency housing...and all of this would have to be funded by tax payers. In the Blanchardstown area alone there are over 5,400 people on the social housing register. This figure will only grow in the coming months and years if the proposed cuts are implemented. They have set out ten reasons to protect child benefit, which is also up for the chop and to protect the elderly and minimum wage. Every single point they make is completely valid.

Once again this government is targeting the poorest sections of society. St Vincent de Paul are really struggling with a rapidly increasing number of people relying on their services. how many more people are they going to put on the bread line (or below it at this stage)? Poverty is very real in our wealthy country.  When the Celtic Tiger was at its peak in 2006  a study  found that the level of wealth distribution in Ireland was among the lowest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  They  had ranked Ireland 27th out of its 30 member countries when it comes to so-called "social transfers".Social transfers are the redistributions of wealth to poorer sections of society through social welfare or pension payments.The percentage of transfers in Ireland is 15.8%, compared to 31.3% in Sweden, where the level of transfers is highest. This figure has actually decreased over the past three years meaning  the gap between rich and poor is growing rapidly.

So the good life definitely sounds appealing. opting out and flipping those arseholes in goverment the bird. Someone get me a shovel and some horse shit. You'll find lots of it spouting from the mouths of our elected representatives.


  1. I asked a librarian what was the most popular book in fingal public libraries (hoping it would be the kama sutra or mein kampf or something like that) but it was actually something to do with building your own chicken coop. Funny cos a guy sat next to my desk at the time was building one, his worked out great.

  2. ha thats mad! :) it's really popular at the moment.

  3. If a house is reposed by a bank as you said the people have to find another form of accommodation either in the private sector or social housing.

    The Bank will then have to sell of the property which usually means selling it at auction to highest bidder in the hope that the Bank will recover the outstanding dept and legal costs.

    The Bank is not interest in the amount of money that has been paid off the principle over the years by the borrowers so the house usually sells for less than the market value.

    This has a knock on effect to the rest of the housing market, lowering the value of everyone’s property resulting in more people going into negative equity.

    The Banks have loaned money to people based on the equity they had on their homes i.e. the value of the property and the amount owing on the property and usually the loans are secured to the property.

    So here we go again, you expect an ongoing risk assessment is in place to prevent a Bank from lending more than it can cover to people who could repay the loans not just based on the equity they have but on their income also. Not so, the Banks gambled and got greedy and lost with the full approval of the Banking institutions and the government. This lost resulted in the people, all the people not just the ones paying tax but every man, woman and child having to pay for their greed for a long time to come.

    So the Banks loaned out our savings and investments or in other words OUR MONEY and what I call forecast money (it’s there but it’s not) which caused the problem in the first place. The Government bailed the Banks out with OUR MONEY and now the Banks are adding fuel to the fire as they scramble to grab back as much as possible and causing the loss of OUR homes, OUR jobs, OUR Standard of living which affects every member of OUR families.

    So what do we need to do?
    Nationalise the banks (we technical own them anyway).
    Sack the people responsible and sue them for every penny they have and repossess their homes.
    Charge them with robbery and jail them in one of the worst prison we have due to under funding.
    Elect a government that will carry out the will of its people.
    Stop taking this shit.

    Paul Morris Snr