Friday, December 3, 2010

Better the Devil You Know...

Continuing on from what I was blogging last week I've been looking into alternatives to capitalist democracy. If ( and no one has disagreed with me here)there is no freedom for the average joe in our current system then how do we address that? 

Our governments have presented us with the myth that capitalism is a system in crisis....that the open market is in turmoil and WE all have to make sacrifices to fix the problem.  Yup ya read that right...myth... Capitalism is aaaalllll about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. So this is capitalism working...this is what is supposed to happen. So it's not capitalism that is in crisis it is the workers, the working and middle classes, that are in crisis.

Surely this global recession is evidence enough that capitalism has never been the friend of democracy. Surely this demonstrates that democracy would work better without capitalism but people are afraid of the alternative. People are always afraid of change, particularly in Ireland..."better the devil ya know"...seems to be the dominant attitude towards change to our economy and system of government.  The Republic of Ireland was founded as a social democracy. Where's the social bit gone?  The current government seems to perceive the constituion as more of a hindrance and something to be got around than something to uphold and protect. They favour the profits of big business over the welfare of average citizens.

I love the way iceland have dealt with a similar situation. They are rewriting their consitution and its being done by ordinary people. If they can do it why can't we??? They are calling it "an exercise in direct democracy."  The people of Iceland believe that if there had been a real division of power the economic melt down they experienced in 2008 may not have happened. How many of us feel the same way about the Irish government? The Icelandic story is very similar to our own. They have a population of only about 320,000 but I think we're a small enough country for direct democracy to work. Hell, with a bit of organisation it could work in any country. It's all about giving the power back to the citizens, let them make the decisoins, then have the information filtered up through different levels of representation as opposed to the system we have now where the opposite seems to happen. Doesn't that make more sense?

Ya know the places where people are happieset are where the gap between rich and poor is the smallest. If normal people were the decision makers that gap would be sure to close. Countries should measure their economic success in happiness and the welfare of their citizens...not by GDP, which to you and I is just a number.

But...Irish people do not like change...they do not like to rock the boat..."Ah sure..Fuck it" should be the national motto and hey I'm an advocator of "if is ain't broke don't fix it"...but we are broke....very broke...piss poor...boom and bust, boom and long are we supposed to fool ourselves into thinking that everything will be fine? If we continue on this path there is no question of "if" Ireland will be bankrupt it will only be a question of "when".  So what have we got to lose? 

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